With Liza Koshy & David Dobric • A phone is what I found...

Date: 5/13/2017

By madnewman13😼

The first part of my dream I was outside of this restaurant with YouTubers Liza Koshy and her boyfriend who is also a YouTuber David Dobric. I was talking to them and all and we got into this conversation. Then all of a sudden, the young man whom we were nearby to started making out with Liza. I looked at David who seemed to not care one bit. "Just give them some space," he told me and took I by the hand some place else. Then David started kissing me! "What is going on?!?!" I wondered. Although, it didn't really bother I too much...😏 So then we came back to see if Liza and the man were finished, but sure enough they were not. My next scene sand last in this dream stared off in this arcade. I had a bunch of tokens to play some games. Suddenly, someone bumped me and made I drop my tokens. Some of them had rolled under a small driving ride. I lifted it up, finding it to be strangely light. And there were several more tokens underneath, which I took also. I was going to go over and exchange my tokens for tickets, when this... Guy or girl... (Couldn't tell the gender) wearing a clown suit told I not to go under any of the games because I coals hurt myself and there is nothing under there any ways. " But I dropped my coins and actually there was other-" he/she cut me off. "Just don't." And walked off. "Well..." I thought angrily. "What a bitch!" Then there was a store next to the arcade. But it was all being destroyed because of a black hole that had appeared in it. I tried to get away, until I saw a brand new iPhone 7. Just laying there, in the ground. So I took it. And ran off. I showed my mom. "Look at this free iPhone 7!" I gave her the phone. " You could give it back to the store or give it to someone," she glared at me. I couldn't believe she wouldn't let I have it! The only reason why she won't let I have a phone is because of how much they are! In real life, she would have let I have it. ☹️