Within a classroom

Date: 3/5/2017

By Chaco

So it started we me sitting at my desk in the classroom. My desk was one in many that was in line in the front. I had my notebook on the right and a textbook of some kind on my left and right in the middle I had a cellphone just so I can peak at it once in a while during class. During the next speech the professor presented to the class my cellphone when off. Not in the sense of sound, there was no sounds coming off of this phone because I very used to it having it in vibration mode. But it went off by showing off an insane light show on the front screen. When I try to take a peak at it thinking it was a text message or just some random spam email the beaming light striked my eye for a split second. I bounced back as I try to shield myself with my arms in front of me. Of course me being in front the professor noticed me and said "do you have something to share for all of us?". Me not wanting to be the center of attention I quickly responded with a "no". Then the professor returned to his lecture. The professor continues to speak about topics for a next quiz. But on the second that the professor turns around the cellphone goes off again. This isn't like the last time with it crazy light show but this was with its ringtone on max volume. As it went off I jumped and other students at the back of room woke up after falling asleep halfway through the lecture. The professor turned around in anger and loudly said "What was that!". Of course he looks at me since I was the recent person to cause a distraction to his lecture. He point at me "You, get out!". I can't reply to his shout of anger, it will seem as if I was the cause of the interruption which I was but I don't want the professor to be confident in his choice. So quietly and quickly I gathered up my stuff, put in my bag and stood up. But whats weird about this is that when I stood up everyone else behind me stood up. All the other students stood up as if they were saying if he leaves then I leave too. This could just be one student thinking that me standing up means the class is over but either way that image shocked the professor. "What are you doing" the professor said in confusion. Then one of the students in the back said in a loud and strong manner "We're leaving". I smiled and looked at the professor and left the room first. Then I woke up.