Scary murder

Date: 2/13/2019

By jennamoka

My cousin Louis has come over for a sleep over after we’d gone out for dinner and no one in my family was home. I really needed to go toilet but he was in the shower so I was waiting. As I was waiting for the bathroom my dog ran to the stairs and did her little bark as if she saw someone at the door. I’m walking back and forth as I really need to pee now but then go to see who’s at the door from the top of the stairs behind the couch. As I go to look I see two unfamiliar faces so instead of making myself visible I look at the from behind the couch slowing bringing my head around to peak. It looks like two men in baggy red clothes trying to find a way in. My cousin had said someone was coming over he knew so I thought maybe it was them. I rushed back to the bathroom to alert Louis what was happening as his friend may of been here already. Louis started walking to the door as did I but as he came around the couch and looked through the door he pushed me back and said we need to get out of here immediately as they are gang members and are trying to break inside. We rush off to the back door of my bedroom and quickly rush out of it. Work has just been done out the back so we are able to rush up to the pool area to hide and observe. As we sit and hide we see them approached from the side making their way around the back of the house. Try to get in each door shaking them to see if they were unlocked for a way in. As we watch them get to the last door my bedroom we decide it’s a good idea to sneak past the right side of the house and get out the front to escape incase they try to move up. As we do that we come out the front and they must have seen us on the way out and approach us as we arrive in my front yard. I can’t recognise their faces and they seem unfamiliar but they are cornering Louis. Asking him questions which seemed like they were trying to buy or sell something but Louis was refusing as we are standing there and he’s deciding a sudden shadow appears on the left of me telling him to choose wisely as he doesn’t want to make a mistake. I look over and it’s another man in all black with a jacket on which said the name of his gang written on his back. This was another club at this point I was confused and shocked but standing still while they had surrounded us. Louis has made a choice as we are outside in the darkness, it seems like it’s going to get violent. The two men in the red had taken off as they had gotten money but the man in the black seemed as a threat to us. As he’s about to harm us another guy it seems like we might know him and I’m guessing it’s Louis friend comes running out like a crazy person from the back and hits this guy. He then proceeds to grab scissors from an unknown place they were my lash scissors and repeatedly stabs him in the chest. The man in black then falls to the ground and is no longer alive. This seemingly random person is panting walking back and worth like a crazy person justifying what he’s done now. Also still holding the scissors in his hand he then threatened me saying if I say anything to the police he will kill me as well! He chucks the scissors in the yard somewhere and takes off. I’m confusing and hysterically crying calling my friend Georgia to see if she can help. Georgia arrives over and sees the mess in the yard and calms me down. I call our mothers and we are all out the back together sitting down and Georgia’s sister is here too. I tell my mum I need to talk to her about something and she brushes it off. I approach her again said seriously I have something I need help with Mum. She looks worried, I explain the situation and start crying again trying to figure whatever going to do ask me what do I do now she then says that we need to hide the evidence and I can’t be liable for anything. We lock up all the tools and anything else that could be involved if you decide to put it down a brick wall in the front yard and fill it with concrete so that I cannot be found. After that is done we have police arrive at my house the next day I’m confused as to what happened to the body because it’s not seeming to be there any more. Somehow now my house is turning to a set of apartments about five stories high and walking up the set of stairs as people walking in and out of the apartment block looking to see if this is the ones they want as I said people approaching I see a police officer and I instantly freak out knowing that they’re coming for me somehow as a police officer approaches I tried to get up to another level where they won’t be able to find me. The office it comes in and arrest me I don’t know how they seem to know that I was there at the time but I didn’t do the crime. Arrest and interrogated but got away free. That afternoon my Mum and I had planned to get away as quickly as possible with Georgia sister and mother. It was just Mum and I in the car I was confusing as I thought we were going together but mums said it was just going to be us meeting them there. As we are driving I see an open field and then a mental facility we are going past, or thought we were going past but seems we were going in. I was freaking out why we were here and didn’t understand People in white suits 4 came to collect me as I scream and cry as my mother says it’s for the best. Turns i they had charged me but agreed to put me in a mental facility with similar women. I arrive into mental prison scared and exhausted. I change into the clothes and walk through the facility. I sit on a table at lunch with no life left in my eyes unable to bear what has happened. There a table full of young women who seem to run the show. Dealing ice to people. Every day I do the same thing looking lifeless but promising not to do that shit as my roommate is on ice all the time. Days go by slowly and slowly as I am convicted for something I didn’t do. I realise this ring leader is dealing to the prison guard as well. One day out of the blue I get a visit from who seems to be my dad. He’s asking me questions about what had happened and I am telling him, he’s able to get me out for an overnight stay at home. When I’m at home I see him.. the man who was guilty of the stabbing in my house. I’m on edge and nervous and confused how he’s here. Dads asking me more questions about the act of crime as this man walks past constantly making sure I don’t say anything about him. Dad asks me if I’m too scared to say as it was his I can tell he’s listening so I say no he had nothing to do with it but I’m nodding my head saying yes because I don’t want to be killed. This was the end of my dream I woke up thinking this was very real. Halfway through the dream I had woken up in real life terrified to turn of in bed turned over and realised it was dream. But then it continued as I went back to sleep.