cafe boy caught me staring

Date: 4/4/2017

By LazyDreamer

i was sitting on the platform aisle (the cafe was set up a differently but everything else seemed the same). he was passing out sets of crayons onto the tables. he was standing infront of me, and i looked at the side profile of him, he turned his head toward me to catch me and I looked away- upset at myself a little that i let myself get caught checking him out AGAIN. Later he came around the study room and was standing to the left of me when i noticed he was putting papers on the tabkes. he stood southwest from me and slowly and unsurely slid a paper on my desk. i turned to smile reassuringly, and we casually conversed quickly about it being fine that he puta it there and he said something about not evening being sure how those would work out. he placed a holy bible, pokemon coloring/work sheets, and crayons on the corner of the desks. i said yeah, but that they were cute and gestured to the sticker packets he was also leaving on the tables for the kids that may come into the cafe. He walked back tot he front. I reached over to adjust the bible and things he left on the table, i was gonna put the stickers inside thebpacket bc i thought "if kids want the cool stickers, they can take the holy bible too" ___