How to Get your Food Spitten into

Date: 7/12/2017

By drunchee

I'm at a restaurant with my mom and Dad. We are sitting at a table next to a window in the wall that reveals the kitchen. It's also where our waitress, whom I call a waiter, greets us and asks what we want and such. For some reason we tick her off a little bit, and I realize she's a bitch. Then, little things keep happening like that. Until it's time for us to order. My dad says something bad when ordering and the waitress (black hair, familiar face) looks at us for a couple of seconds in heated silence, I then tell her to snap out of it and serve us. She then backs away from the window slowly, still in a stupid expression like she just got slapped, so I yell for her to just fucking take our order. She obeys. But, after getting our order, she rips up the paper with our order on it while laughing next to her co workers. I jump through the empty Window and tackle her in the kitchen by some ovens, calling her a waiter, until I realize she's a gal so I call her a waitress, saying she didn't deserve to be called a waitress. I guess she won't get a tip.