Hunger games

Date: 7/16/2017

By AyyeLmao

Was with my friend Arryn and we had to survive and we went where the circle was getting smaller and it was on a boat and the main lady that own the boat was telling us where to go and that we could not go any further up but I found a good bathroom to hide in upstairs and trying to find a good place to hide before people started to come to the circle then the lady was yelling me to comeback down so I did but trying to delay and act like I was going to the bathroom to stay there long as a could then when I finally went downstairs my friend was outside of the boat at a lower level and saw two people coming up to the door so we went inside to shut it and someone needed to go out and we warned them and they got shot and the door was wide open I told my friend aim a shotgun to the door but he said you and I was in a quick rush and had to pump the gun and turn off safety but I then killed the guy coming up from the doorway then that's when I woken up.