Your deepest fears

Date: 5/31/2017

By TheNagual

There was endless commotion in my old school halls and I was right in the middle of it. Plenty of hatred, testosterone, anger, and eventually fists started flying. Many old faces I disliked in the past I attempted to shove out of my way, the hallway was almost pure white. Eventually I ended up in a blocked off corner and got pissed off. With my new found power, I picked up red blocking gloves and started to fight. Strong men would hit me and I took each punch without a scratch. I boxed like a champ and took down many men, big and small, familiar faces as well. Finally, the fight was over and I'm out on my old elementary school grounds. I mention how I kicked 7 kids asses. Then I come across a few old peers and take no attention to their offensive words. Outside was a massive game of touch football. I pass by the top of the line, just walking... some people cried and yelled. A larger bully took down a small child who got the ball. There was a fire in the distance and I go investigate, does no one want to do anything about this burning house I thought? I put out a few small fires with my foot. Inside was a horror scene, someone started this fire and locked a child in a room. I grab a knife and see help the pregnant wife. She can't find anything, I attempt once more and we find on the highest story where the child was locked. An all White House with white rooms. Inside the room becomes distorted and nightmarish. Many people were lost and deluded, the room seemed be a bottomless pit but I recognized it as a delusion and stopped falling. I tried to help the people and told them that they only need to recognize there deepest fears to be set free from this bottomless nightmare room.