Cruise, bus flood, stepped on Zeus's paw

Date: 6/13/2019

By Sssmorgann

I was on a cruise with a bunch of people I know from work and from high school theatre. The first night if the cruise, I was wearing a clingy light purple glittery shirt, and Vanessa from work gave me a lip gloss that matched the shirt perfectly, but somehow I got it all over my lower face so I just blended into the shirt and I looked ridiculous and kinda scary. I loved it. On the second day of the cruise, everyone had to take take the TAKS test before they could leave their cabin or go to Port. My cabin mate was Sarah Barbey. I slept in, so by the time that I woke up Sarah was just finishing her test then she left. I was supposed to meet her so I quickly finished my test. It was really strict because they had all kinds of monitors/proctor watching you test, and if you went to the bathroom to poop, you had to make poop noises and/or every time you pooped you had to stand up for the toilet to flush after each poop so they could count your poops. Weird af, idk how that affected the test. After the test I got ready to go to Port. I did my hair and makeup quickly, and I wore a cute see-through mesh/lace bralette that suspended my titties at just the right angle... My lil pearl nipple rings were shimmering... I also wore a matching fine-mesh/lace shirt so I was just full-on, titties-out, body banging, looking so good. A whole damn snack. Mmm! I got off the ship and onto some short-stilted boat houses. The water was getting close and slapping around and all kinds of angles... it wasn't really lapping at the shore like normal. The water kept getting like weirder and weirder like sloshing around but not really getting high. But eventually the water started rising while we were on a bus. It started flooding in the back seats. I moved to the front seats, and then it started to move, flooding all the seats, so I got to the top of the seat, and then it was just going to fill up the bus so we had to get out and go onto land... Well further Inland I guess. The ship was still fine, we just couldn't get to it cuz the buses were flooded. On land, we were hanging out this giant indoor/outdoor mall (but it was also on an island so there's a lot of like tourism/cruise stuff, like people selling shirts and food and souvenirs). Everyone was hanging out, eating, shopping, all that, in the mall for a long time. At dinner in the mall, we were seated at a super long dinner table, like the Great Hall from Harry Potter. There were a lot of old rich people there too, but I didn't know them. There was a count and a countess so that was kind of cool. I told the Countess I really liked the collar of her dress, it was all stiff and molded up dramatically and asymmetrically like a stylish neck-brace. She begrudgingly told me thanks and said I was really pretty (but she said it in a way that made me think she struggled to say something nice) and I felt really good cuz my titties were out and I was naked essentially, and she had been being a bitch, but she still told me I looked good. Thanks countess. I don't think we ever got to eat that dinner.. I think the guy was just walking around taking down everyone's orders... and then nothing ever happened. Also the countess was ordering weird stuff like she ordered like half a dessert, extra silverware, and a cold deodorant. Like a frozen antiperspirant. It was weird. Sarah Raissi and I were doing something in the giant mall. Hood rat shit. She was wearing a gumdrop/ fruit snack on her necklace. I said "I like that it looks cool" and she didn't believe me. she said "don't play around with me" and I was confused so I said "what are you talking about" she told me that Annalisha had given it to her while they were in the Galleria in Houston, because she(Annalisha) was mad about Austin Williams liking Sarah, and it was somehow meant as a mean joke but Sarah wore it anyway. Then we're finally ready to board the ship... but they were saying we're going to have to swim. I was really excited to swim, but then we didn't get to swim to the ship :( Instead we had to walk on a paved road around the circumference of the island in the dark (the stars were out). I got energetic and was running like a dog, on all fours (like the horse girl video). Somehow Austin and Sarah and whoever else was with us were able to keep up with me. We made it to the bus, and then we got back on the ship. At one point we were in a hospital and I was training somebody to be scribe, but they were just kind of really bad at it. There was a code blue in PCU, so we had to go and it was really hard to find the room because this is not the normal hospital that I worked at. I eventually found it, after everything had already been done, and Dr. Anyanwu was rattling off findings left and right and I was not getting any of it because I was logged out of Paragon, ugh. This happened for like for three different patients. One of the patients was a little boy. He was fine, it was really a social case, someone was being racist to him/his parents because he was mixed and his dad was black, so that's why they were trying to make a CPS case :( I think something was going on with his dad, so his mom was there with him and they They kept asking him and his mom how much his mom talks to his dad. She was a good mom I don't know why they were doing that. And then at one point Zeus was in the living room of my house but we had white carpet and I accidentally stepped on his paw and ripped his whole claw out and he was bleeding and crying. I was panicking and had to bandage it, I was so sad. I'm sorry Shushu :(