Date: 6/10/2019

By keikodreams

I was dreaming that I was back living at my granny house. Except it was just me. I’m not sure where Bube and Grandaddy were but it was just me and Foxy. So it’s night time and I’m patrolling around the house. Everything is quiet and dark. I go outside for a few min to patrol and walk Foxy, each second I’m out there I feel like I’m being watched. It’s a very ominous feeling so I hurry up and go back inside in a outwardly calm manner. Once back inside I hurry and lock every door. And it seems like each door has a trick of not staying locked so I have to take my time making sure each door was locked which only added on to my anxiety. Foxy was there to comfort me tho. Once finished, she excitedly wagged her tail. When I first saw her do this I was scared bc I thought she had to go outside again but I remembered that I just took her outside. Having this dream triggered my memory. I’ve had this same dream once or twice before not verbatim but they always involve me taking refuge in Bube and Grandaddy house, alone, avoiding something unseen and ominous outside. Maybe I don’t want to grow up?