Skate Master

Date: 8/1/2017

By KilgoreTrout

In my dream I was at Anna Grace's house. Us and a bunch of other people were going to go skating. While we were in Anna's house it looked like Morgan Lathem's house. Her parents only knew I was there with Anna so another girl had to sneak in with Anna after I came out to do something. When I looked back to see who all were coming out, Emily Joiner was with them. That made me mad and I told some girl I was talking to that I hated Emily and sort of stomped off to the car we were taking. Everyone I saw who I recognized were Paige, Hailey, Braedyn, Amy, Anna Grace, Saren, and my mom, but there were a lot more. We all crammed into cars. I was in one with Anna, Braedyn, Amy, and three other people. When we got to the skating rink I remember thinking about how Emily didn't know how to skate and how I could basically show her up. I started skating and I kept flipping over in the air very slowly. I was always afraid I was going to fall but I always stuck the landings (on skates). People near me clapped whenever I finished one. I never skated for more than a couple of seconds before I went into the air in like slow motion for another flip. After a few minutes of that I sat down beside this box of strings and stuff. I was pulling apart all of the strings when Saren came up and sat by me. I think she started yelling at some kid. I asked her if she wanted to keep all these strings because she's crafty. I told her all of them were unbroken but one (it was red).