Date: 7/13/2019

By toolucid

I always have a dream of being in my favorite hotel in Vegas. I begin to realize I’m dreaming as the winner bell rings on a slot machine. Once I realize I’m dreaming I go to explore. But the scene around me its constantly changing without my control no matter how much I try to keep it the same. So I just go with it (not to get too excited and wake myself). So all of a sudden I’m being chased but I can like run on walls jump down many flights of stairs . I have a gun and start firing my weapon at these unknown people chasing me all of a sudden I wake up. So about 30 mins later I fall back asleep still feeling scared like someone is following me I jump in a elevator. When I come out the elevator I’m in a space station with 3-4 other people who are also running. They say to me we’re trapped! We’re trapped. Knowing that I’m dreaming I say no we are not and a control panel appears I hit the button and it’s like a escape capsule that launches us back to earth. We land in some type of field looks like a farm but everything is black and white. We go inside and there’s a farmer wearing a plaid shirt(everything is still black and white)fixing some machine. We ask him where are we he doesn’t respond pointing to a camera and saying let’s talk outside. As soon as we step out the door there’s like a light shining off of me. I was the only thing in color! He gasp and looks at me and says omg your painted by God. Freaked out I try to run away and then I wake up every time...