Sinister Future

Date: 2/19/2017

By SwaggyBoy9

I was at my home in the kitchen, it was night and something felt odd. Mainly the light being very damp and only one of them turned on, it made everything.. Lifeless. I was talking to my mum and my brother and something happened, I got irritated. I saw the door outside open and it was very windy outside, but I went to close it because then the dog might escape. I suddenly somehow realised that the door was a "switch" to the future, if I closed the door it would take me far into the future.. and I did, I closed the door. Nothing really seemed to change so I was doubting it but then I went inside and suddenly it was daytime, I could see everyone outside, it became daytime. My mum was there and the first thing I asked her was "mum, what year is it?!" She was confused, but still told me "It's 2030, dear". It all was suddenly sinking in, I was truly in the future. I started to ask "what happens in the future?" But she never really answered, somehow the questions got dodged. Then my brother came in, he still looked the same, but 13 years.. changed him. Something was different about him. All of a sudden he started talking to me "hey!" "Are you disrespecting our mother?!" He was angry, but not for any particular reason, he was generally angry, that's something I had never seen in my brother, something must've changed him. He suddenly grabbed me and was about to give me "punishment" (No, not that kind of punishment). I was still 15, but I assume he was somewhere in his late 20's, so I couldn't do much, he was way stronger than me. He suddenly grabbed my head and put it in the sink, then poured salt into my eyes. It wasn't as bad as you'd think, really it wasn't even that painful, but I had to act as if I was in a lot of pain or else he would keep going until he'd think I would have had "enough". Meanwhile, I hadn't seen my dad at all in this future, Where is he? I started to think, when all of a sudden.. I Woke Up.