Pretty little lairs

Date: 4/22/2017

By dreamfairys

I was in Spencer's wedding along with Ali, aria, Emil and Hanna It was in this giant hotel We were in our dresses and of course mine wouldn't till aria helped me fix it Then this hotel was a maze I got lost and missed being in spencer wedding then when I found them they were packing everything up I didn't get to take any pictures with them. Then we got in this thing that was made of glass and it was a round circle like Then we exited and got on some airplane then the place wouldn't take off I wanted to sit by the girls so I sat by Mona and Emily then something happened to Mona then me and girls started freaking out So I sat in the round behind Emily and begged Ezra to place sit with me then this robot girl that looked live like killed Ezra then it was trying to kill me and the girls. Till we found these hot blasters to kill the evil robot. Then were being chased again by a man wearing everything black you didn't see his face. He started shooting at us one by one but he kept missing. Then we found somewhere to hide by some train tracks or something.