Date: 7/25/2017

By victoriamwrites

I had a dream that I was buying alcohol at the dollar store and the cashier was showing me all kind of chemicals he'd used to get high with and we were kind of joking and it felt good to be habing fun with another person, then he was telling me how many brain cells he probably lost. I said "Bye, good luck with the brain cells." All of a sudden he was very serious, like I really offended him. I apologized profusely, and he sent me away. I began to run to Hunter because I needed it to make me feel better. I turned the corner and there was some guy in a truck watching me. I laid on the ground to hide from him, for some reason I was really sure that he was gonna rape me. I was trying to crawl towards the door of the house to get Hunter's attention (surely he wouldn't let me get raped). The man made direct eye contact with me, smiled, turned his car off, and drove away. I then threw my dollar store bag at the door and Hunter left the house confused by what the ruckus was. I told him, I said "I think I accidently insulted the chasier." Then I woke up.