Duck pond talent show

Date: 2/5/2017

By CreepyLexi13

Alright well the first thing I remember is in my sleep i was trying to remember if the duck pond had a building on the property and if so what was inside it. And try dream started and i walked through the entrance to see that the pond was empty. I asked someone about it and they told me all the water was in a silo type thing. The strange thing was that the drained pond was quite shallow and flat. At the moment they had a tent and chairs in there. So i went into this building and i saw a sign saying rooms> and there was something else but i forgot. So basically in my dream this was now a Hotel. It was a one story building and i went into the direction that said rooms and i looked around. It was a big room with a few doors leading to what i assumed to be hotel rooms. But on one was there was this really weird thing... It'll be hard to describe but I'll try. It was a wall with (sliding?) sections and the thing holding them together were these seat belt things. You know how there's the belt and it goes into the metal thing? It was like That. So i undid one of them and by this point my parents had followed me in here and i got distracted by something, i can't remember what it was. But then i look back over to the thing and my stupid dad has already undone like two more sections and I'm like "what're you doing?!" and i push him aside and start closing them before someone catches us and its really difficult to do So. Then something made me leave. It may have been my dad telling me he would do it and i went outside. So i went back out to see that people were starting to sit around the tent. It was strange because it was like an open tent and the chairs were outside of it. There was a group of people just standing kind of out of the way and some of them i recognized. At some point when i was in the building there was this guy getting basically bullied by his mother. I don't really remember this but i think it was slightly Important. So i found a seat and i sat down and when i did the show started. It was a talent show. This guy i didn't know was singing really Badly. Then i checked my candid to see that i had multiple requests from the people around me.... It was so Weird. And then there were a few more acts that i don't remember and i believe that's when i woke Up.