Lucid 3

Date: 4/26/2017

By Sofos

I was attending my older sister's fundraiser ball one night when I got immensely bored and went outside for a breath of fresh air. I entertained myself by putting my weight on a rail with my hands and picking my feet up (no, the dream wasn't making it fun. I'm the kind of guy who finds joy in the most bizarre of things). Then I noticed that the gravity felt different, as if there was none but I was still secured to the ground. What was my response? "This must be a dream. God, please don't let my alarm clock go off." I immediately wanted to try the many things I read about Lucid dreaming, so I looked to my left and a dream character was there on the sidewalk. He was a fox wearing blue rubber boots, like from that Doctor Seuss book. I asked for his name, and he replied, "I'm Apples!" I started to wonder what he was supposed to represent, and he wistfully added, "-I represent your curiosity and fascination with Lucid Dreaming." Oh, well ok, at least we became fast friends. We were poking fun at each other when I found this circular cluster of buildings. Upon entering, I looked up and saw a mirror reflection of the enclosure! I encouraged Apples to fly up there with me, but he refused, and actually seemed rather scared. So I came back down and tried to make sure I was on the right side. Maybe I was on the wrong side, because shortly afterwards, I lost some of the Dream Control I had. I wanted to go flying in my first lasting lucid dream, so I jumped into the air and... fell up. I panicked and struggled desperately to prevent from falling into empty space. Before touching the clouds, I reversed direction and headed straight for the ground. I continued to fall despite my best efforts until I reached 3 feet above a city road, where I stopped and scurried out of the way of oncoming cars. From there, I embarked on the walk back to the fundraiser ball and Apples. I decided not to fly until I could absolutely control it, as losing control also forewarned potential loss in empty space. On the way, I saw my dad, and became afraid that he might see me and ask why I wasn't at the ball. Again, I had lost control by sheer fear. I quickly hid in the back of a minivan. Then he opened the drivers door and got in before starting the car! He began driving through the parking garage, and then I remembered I was in a dream! So I phased right through the floor and back right before high tailing it back to the ball. At the ball, I couldn't find Apples. Maybe he had disappeared after my fear took over? A woman in a red dress came up to me and started flirting. I was trying to send her somewhere else as I knew she had a boyfriend. She wanted to talk about me, but her hulking mass of a boyfriend came up behind her and gave me the, "I'm gonna kill you" glare. I persisted in trying to get her to leave me alone until I woke up. If you read all of this, I owe you. I know you already spent a lot of time on my dream, but would you mind giving me your thoughts as to what happened in there?