Digital art, The grandmother has gone missing, and the children watch as the drama unfolds, but they do not acknowledge the invisible narrator witnessing it all.

Scary Plot Twisting Ass Dream

Date: 2/12/2017

By 0ceanic__

It started out in a small 2 bedroom apartment in the hood. It was a grandma with 4 teens (2 boys, Kayo & Kodi and 2 girls, Desiree & Dimitria) and 2 kids (2 boys, Joi & J'Kai). I'm watching the drama unfold but they don't acknowledge me as there. (Like a narrator of some sort.. keep that in mind. 🤗) It starts off with their mother being missing but they find a dead woman body in the side of the building, where there is a garbage dump and a railway. The scene cuts to them watching the News on tv, basically saying that the body is unidentifiable but it's a possible match to their mother that has been missing for days. The grandma suddenly has an outburst of anger ,to which the grief stricken children try to calm her down. The next scene shows that the garbage is overflowed and that they need to take it out immediately. Since they live by the dump, they have to walk the garbage over there instead of getting the service. (pettttyyyy.) It's 10 pm and grandma is insisting that she takes it out, despite that's it's too late and dangerous. Of course the kids objected to it, but she did it anyway. Hours go by and still no return of grandma. The kids are scared and they send the teen boy (Kayo) to go look around for her. No sign. He comes back and lets them know that she's no where to be found. Immediately they call the police and file a missing persons report, to where they were told that it had to be within 48 hours for them to search and put out an alert. Angered and saddened.. they went to bed. The next night around 9pm, Kayo went to go look for grandma at the dump again, to where he finds her dead body. He runs to go alert somebody but the scene cuts abruptly to a black background. 🤔 Back at the apartment the kids are going crazy as they try to call police because 5 hours has passed without a sign of Kayo. The power goes out. Kodi runs outside to go turn on the generator while the girls watch the two boys. The generator kicks on. No sign of Kodi. What's going on? Sick and tired the two girls and the two little boys sleep on the floor. The next day is a Monday, so the Boys Joi and J'Kai have school. The girls send them off to the bus stop despite the fact that the boys say they have a bad feeling and that they want to stay home. As they walk to the bus stop, a suspicious black car drive pasts slowly. Scene cuts abruptly to a black background. 🤗 To the girls knowledge, the kids went to school so they use their day off to go to the police office to describe The events. The police basically said that they'll look into it asap and will let them know any leads or details. The girls proceeded to walk to the mall to get some type of getaway from all of this drama. As they are walking though, Dimitria feels as their being followed and Desiree confirms that she feels the same way as well. They turn around and starts running and I'm getting closer and closer and the scene cuts. I'm in a interrogation room, the police are picking me up and handcuffing me. I just confessed 8 murders.

AI generated interpretation This dream appears to be reflecting a deep sense of fear and guilt. The idea of a dead body being found and the grandmother's disappearance could symbolize a loss you have experienced, or a situation that you feel helpless to control. The suspicious black car following the two girls could be a sign of an impending danger that you feel is looming. The scene in the interrogation room suggests that you feel a sense of responsibility or guilt for something that has happened, although it is not clear what that is. This dream could be highlighting an internal conflict you are dealing with and the need to confront your fears and take control of the situation.