Date: 8/2/2017

By emmacoons

we were in DC and i remember seeing the docks and a lot of solar panels in the water. i also recall remembering it was DC so just in case i came across those docks again i could name it. we went into a restaraunt and everyone was eating their food, and the room suddenly got quiet to give respect to the mormons praying before they ate their food. and i was like omg shit i'm a mormon, and when they were done some people started clapping and i remember thinking or saying that isnt what you do. the old bald guy who was praying went up to the front of the room and started giving a full on sunday school lesson and he wrote his name on a whiteboard that was placed there. his name was already there, but slightly erased away so it gives way he's already been there, teaching a lesson at some random restaraunt. the waiter serving was just sitting/leaning on a table smiling like it was the usual.