Negan is the devil and HE is out to get me

Date: 4/24/2017

By Maddigan5112001

So you all know Negan from The Walking Dead, Well in this dream HE was literally the devil and for some reason HE had a particular interest in me. HE desperately wanted me to join him, to do what I don't know. I denied HIM and HE decided to mentally torture me until I joined HIM. Everywhere I went HE was there. I went to a restaurant and HE was my waiter, I got a package and HE delivered it. It was terrible. HE made me loose all of my money, my job, and my house. I had to live in a shelter. I finally got an interview for an office job and I couldn't be more excited. Eugene from The Walking Dead was the person interviewing me and I got the job! I came in for my first day I stopped dead in my tracks after hearing a familiar voice "it's been a while, my love" I slowly tuned my head to see HIM, a tall, sinister man smiling cooly at me. I panicked at first but kept thinking "I need this job, I need this job" I didn't make eye contact, walked to my desk, sat down, and began to work. I went to work, a mundane office job, everyday just to be harassed by HIM... Satan himself. I found out that Eugene was a human who sold his soul to HIM and now he had to serve HIM for the rest of eternity. Eugene hated HIM as much as I did, so we decided to put an end to our torment. We took the elevator up to HIS office that occupied an entire floor. The elevator doors creaked open as we reached floor 13. It was so dark, I couldn't see anything other than an even darker silhouette of a tall man in front of us. It was standing there, motionless, waiting, like it knew we were coming... it was HIM. Eugene raised the pistol we took from an employee's desk, aimed, and fired. HE stumbled, and for a split second I felt a sliver of hope - until HE let out an inhuman roar and began to transform. The silhouette grew and grew as we frantically pressed the close elevator button. The doors were just about to close when two monstrous, red hands caught it, and everything went black. I woke up on an old mattress in a large metal room with red blotches everywhere that I prayed were rust and not blood. There were other people there too, they all looked like they had been tortured. Eugene was next to me with a stream of blood flowing from his forehead. I told Eugene that we had to get out of there. We helped some of the other prisoners up and pried open the heavy metal door. It led to an even larger room that looked like a hardware store, but with torture instruments instead of tools. Just then HE got back. HE was back in his human (Negan) form now. I told everyone to hide, then I hid myself. HE then began to hunt us down like we were in an evil game of hide and seek. HE kept calling my name, HE said that I was the only one HE cared about, all of the other prisoners were worthless to HIN. As HE drew closer to me I became weaker and weaker until I couldn't stand. HE dragged my lifeless body through the first and second room and opened up a cellar in the floor. HE threw me in and came down after me. It was a large library with a small chest in the middle of the room. I regained enough strength to sit up as HE patted the chest. HE told me that anyone that opened that chest would gain the knowledge of GOD and would know everything, HE told me that I could open it if I joined HIM "all you have to do is say 'yes'" I again told HIM no. HE dragged me back up the cellar and into another room, the size of a small closet, and threw me in, slamming the door. All was pitch black... the last thing I heard before I woke up was "you will be mine"