The weirdest mf skatepark I have ever seen and a beanie baby possessed by the ghost of hitler

Date: 5/17/2019

By baburubān

I had this dream that Shreya was driving me in this car because we were both working at this high tech post office and we had to deliver some letters (which is weird bc she’s a sophmore) and we accidentally drive into this “skate park” which is indoors and is in a slope shape? We can’t leave until we go through this course and the floor was covered in those soft bb things inside beanie babies? And the obstacles were like. Fake plants. The room was also two cars long and two cars wide. So idk. Anyway I jump out of the car to move these plants and we drive down to the bottom. These two skater guys run down and they’re like “You set up the plush in a weird way dude! He’s fucking dead now!” Or some shit and I look down and there’s this beanie baby bear doing the hitler pose and his little paws are covered in blood, and I just look at Shreya. That’s when I woke up. So idk