Date: 8/11/2017

By Jmullen

I'm on my period in real life, I don't know how that matters with this dream but it's important somehow especially since I keep touching my stomach as if I am wondering if this is even possible.. I remember feeling an excessive amount of water trickle down my legs as I thought to myself "wtf" it felt like my water had broke but how the hell could my water break if I WASNT PREGNANT! Atleast a few minutes later I remember telling my mom I gotta bend over and I started having CONTRACTIONS. A few seconds later I put my hands down below and a small baby came out and landed in my hands. He fit perfectly in my palms and lord have mercy he was so beautiful.. in my head I couldn't help but think he looks so much like Dre.. so beautiful that baby was... yet how didn't I know I was pregnant? I Couldn't forget that babies eyes if I tried...