Camping after Prison

Date: 3/11/2019

By leathecage

I was in prison for a month. I had apparently been an accomplice in a murder when I was a kid, so I had to do one month of time as an adult. When I got out, I went on a three day camping trip with my parents. I suddenly remembered that I had two guinea pigs and some goldfish at home (irl, I do not). I started freaking out because I hadn't fed them in over a month, but my mom told me to stop freaking out because my brother was probably taking care of them. When we were driving home from camping, we stopped at this store and I went to the pet supplies isle to by guinea pig stuff. There, I texted my brother to ask if he fed the animals, but I couldn't quite type properly. Somehow the message had gotten across, and my brother replied back with a guinea pig emoji giving the thumbs up. I was semi relieved, but I was still unsure since I hadn't showed him how to care for my animals. After the store, we made another pit stop at a friend of my dad's house, and the superbowl was on tv. The halftime show was Nikki Minaj, but she was preforming at the house we were at. She started twerking on the table, and after that she threw up in the garbage. Apparently they paid her a million dollars to be there. After the superbowl, we were eating dinner while Nikki Minaj drank a beer on the couch. The tv played three more songs after the game, two of which were collabs that had Fall Out Boy and Panic! At The Disco. My dad kept complaining about how bad the songs were, but I told him shut up and danced along because I loved them. After that, we finally made it home, and I ran upstairs to see my pets. The fish were fine, and the guinea pigs were alive. The two guinea pigs I had were housed in a ten gallon tank, and they were all out of food.