Cannibals and others

Date: 6/15/2019

By Purpeldreams

Well this fuckin dream was interesting I could make a damn tv show about it. But here we go this almost a whole part of my same dream of the “playground” after I call the 911 and an officer showed up the whole prior setting of brier changed it was now a building that I would soon learn was three stories tall. It was white almost like a mental institution (for the crazies) but then I see hella people come out of the building scared. Then a detective shows up and starts asking who called this in, he then finds out it was me,he tells me I have helped very much catch all these criminals and solve his biggest case and the biggest case of cannibalism. Bitch after that the dream transfers me into a different person I’m now in the point of view of another girl who seems to have been saved from the cannibals (thanks to me) and she’s walking around with the officers/investigators/bodyguards trying to identify who she was captured by to be eaten and from that the girl gets to see different people and cannibals. (I’m gonna refer to I/me to not say “the girl” from now) anyway ... I walk around seeing other people as they explain to the investors what they eat and how they eat this one lady ate baby pandas! She had them warming up in a box/file cabinet thing and they were in there alive and sleeping but they were like straight out the mom small and sleeping in a warm setting. And next to them was a whole cabinet full of formula and bottles of milk the woman would feed them and she’s told me not to take any since it was a secret formula she made to feed them ... I took one anyway while she wasn’t lookin cause in my mind I was like your after this your gonna go in a fucking cell you can’t tell me what to do crazy bitch. And then they dreams just keeps going to different people (not just cannibals but mostly cannibals) and what part of the human body they eat or what other things they eat. But I remember this one Mexican guy who only spoke spainsh going crazy and trying to get away from the officers yells at them and he obviously dosnet speak English so I yell at him in Spanish “what the fuck is your problem” and then we start taking I get to find out what he eats....... omfg so nasty.... he’s “cannibal specialty” is ... men’s testes .. their BALLS. Yeah it seems obvious the guy is gay. And it’s almost like ironic that he like that yk?💀 But yeah that’s Nasty. Then I see a guy who looks like a nail/ salon worker as I go by myself around the building and he sees me and thinks I’m pretty and asks me to sit so he can make me “prettier” then I see him drinking a martini 🍸 but inside of a normal tooth pick it’s a human finger with a red finger nail and olive to top it off... bitch no. I then tell him no cause he’s gonna turn me into he’s next meal he says he extra likes me and won’t waste my beauty for a meal of his and he says the police are already here and I could easily scream and get away I still told him to fuck off and left. As I kept walking around I was like scared to find a super crazy cannibal I mena they were all crazy for eating what they were eating but fuck no I was scared walking around in this building it was a mess and smelled horrible obviously . It was like a ghetto for cannibals. And then I bump into some l Dominican girls one of them sounds like cardi which Is kinda cool cause later on they break into song and it’s a cardi song and then the singer trips and blames this other girl and they start fight the police show up and I never get to find out why they are there or what they eat.This dream transcends me into again a different body now I’m a teen girl who’s escaping the building cause ig I’m a cannibal now n I’m escaping with other teens and we’re going towards the back it seems to be like a dry field of weeds were escaping through we then get caught with white nets and get taken back to the building which is now on lockdown and get strapped the these beds while the doors are locked with lasers so we can’t escape . The background story I get it seems to be the whole building will now be a holding faculty for all the people that were in it. All the cannibals / weird eaters will now stay here till they say they die.