Thanos was in an abusive relationship with me

Date: 6/1/2019

By Spiderdog

(Despite this post being marvel related it has no spoilers for Endgame) Two weeks ago, the day I saw Endgame, I had a dream that I was in an abusive relationship with Thanos but I was the abusive one. We were in a hot tub on a skyscraper and he started drinking the water in the tub which pissed me off (I wasn’t actually mad I was watching myself from 3rd person point of view). I hit him on the head and he started crying. I took him home and he went on his laptop and hacked my sister’s twitter account for some reason. He tweeted a selfie with a Snapchat filter on it and it went viral. He broke up with me and dated another girl name Soil. The dream ended after I met Soil and she told me I was ugly.