Dating Carter Reynolds and met his family

Date: 5/23/2019

By levinelover

Me and Steph were in a lake, I convinced her to come in with me. I swam in even though I’m an extremely weak swimmer and grabbed onto I giant floating piece of cardboard and grabbed on, there were a couple huge pieces floating. Steph swam over and got onto the cardboard with me, and it was half sinking but still kept us afloat. I tried to steer it towards an island. The island was Northland overnight camp. I steered it that way and as we got closer weakly swam over to the dock. I started grabbing onto the slippery dock, and some guy I barely knew from school said “what makes you think you’ll make it, and not just slip and drown”. I wasn’t a great swimmer, but I believed as long as I could get on the deck I should make it. I was getting a little worried I wouldn’t make it, but I eventually got myself up the deck and onto the island. Me and Steph walked around camp hoping to just blend in and not draw too much attention. Then I was dating Carter Reynolds and he took me to a family event with his entire family from both sides. We were in a big house, and someone asked me who I knew and I said I knew only his aunt Sofia and his sister Kielia. Although two of his white cousins looked sooo familiar I just couldn’t remember their names. The man looked like the shore guy with the mentally I’ll wife I’d always see by the bus stop at school. The family member told me to go say hi to them and ask for a refresher on their names that they’d appreciate it. I walked through a room with Carter and was feeling shy to interact with his family. Carter said it was fine and I didn’t have too, that I could just concentrate my energy on him. When we walked through one room to another it was all his Asian family first, then his white family. Me and carter danced next to his two white grandparents. The cousins I recognized were there too.