Scorning the vile god upon its marble pillars

Date: 7/16/2017

By wanderingSnake

Along the murky mud ridden rivers and the Boggs my dream companion and I sailed. we'd been traveling for days and for dreams along the disgusting banks and cliff sides, before we had bought the little tin boat from a fisherman that obsessed a little to much over knives and daggers. The town that the fisherman was from was pristine and white, the townspeople warned us of dangers along the baron rivers ahead, their gaze wary and watching of us. we sailed for a few more days before deciding to make camp somewhere on the banks, finding an island with a tree made of iron spikes we tethered the boat to it and set foot on land. After camp we went to explore the wasted island so brown and dirty ravaged by floods and pollution, when traveling with my companion you have to expect a rather bizarre habit of his that is to sometimes to possess other things or allow himself to be possessed to be a fusion of two people and at some point in our wanderings we had done this. It is to be one but two our minds both together and apart, to use the body we own together but never against true teamwork. We came across a geometric marble shrine with scattered effigies of toads surrounding its center building reaching high on marble blocks . it we offered the outside statues of toads offerings to respect whatever gods it may praise. Before we knew better. a spirt had tried to warn us before we had, we should have listened. The God who the shrine was dedicated to was a malevolent bigot, a toad headed god involved in all manners of seediness from being a aggressive drunkard to murder of innocents and thieving. once we had left our small offering of money it demanded we present it a bride at the summit of its marble shrine to toss her into the teleporter on its altar, it suggested all sorts of ideas for what type of bride it wanted all women in the most degrading manner. Angered now we climb to the top of the shrine thinking of how to fill the demands, we could toss ourselves in as we are a man and what better way to spite the creature after all it wanted a bride just not that gender. We decide against it as then we'd be imprisoning ourselves to it but we did not want to enslave any poor woman to that vile creature either, a sinister idea came forth at a spark grabbing a palm full of dead insects we found around the shrine we cast a spell on them to look like beautiful virgin maidens and tossed them into the altar. "Ha! Have fun marrying dead cockroaches you slimy toad". happy with our success we left hastily before our trick could be discovered and the dream ended.