Mom and the mysterious man

Date: 7/27/2017

By wanda1316

My subconscious often expresses itself through my mom in a dream. When I became lucid, I almost lost it. I had to remind myself that i am in a dream. There was a man with my mom who scared me. I couldn't recognize him. After i became lucid the man still scared me, but it was more like he made me uncomfortable. I was expecting him to rush up and hug me awkwardly at any moment. He kept getting closer to me. I told him firmly to stop and stay where he was. I asked my mom, "what does this mean? Why am I dreaming this?" She gave me a look like I should already know. She said something like, "think about it, how are you feeling right now? Why do you think you're scared?" I understood why I was having the dream, but now upon awakening I have forgotten. It was something I would never have guessed but it made perfect sense.