renaissance rave

Date: 3/25/2017

By psyche

i was at some big festival that was at a place that looked kind of like the renaissance fair grounds. i was w anna and a couple other guys but i don't remember who. i was hungry so i was walking around looking for something eat. anna or someone told me to be kind of bitchy to the vendors cuz apparently that was the only way i would be able to get them to serve me. i walked the whole grounds a couple of times and saw all sorts of different food vendors including a large bakery all the way at the end with lots of chocolate filled breads. i spoke to a few different people but i don't remember what was said. i don't think i ever got something to eat. me and anna were trying to decide what we should do and i suggested we go swimming since it was warm and there was still at least an hour of daylight left. we went to the swimming area and it was a place that i've had several other dreams about. it was a section of river lower than the bank with a dock and piers sticking out into the river. it was a little different this time because the water looked like pool water rather than river water and the bottom was white like a swimming pool but the water was still super cold like it always is. we had to go down a little slide to get down there. anna went and i went after her but i left my wallet and phone at the top. someone slid them down to me without warning and they almost went in the water but i caught them, except for his phone which he slid down first but i plucked it out of the water pretty fast. me and anna found a place to put our stuff. there was an area with small cubbies w locks and jacob sefarian was for some reason the one manning this area. it took me a while to get my things situated and then i went out to the dock and found anna waiting for me w my longboard. i warned her that the water was cold but she jumped in fearlessly but w my board for some reason. i said something and she had to dive for it. there were a lot of people around and i heard some of them talking about how they were pretty sure they had taken pure mdma. there was a man at the right end of the swimming area who looked like he was about to give a sermon but no one was listening. there was a woman off to the side of him but she seemed sort of dead. some dark clouds rolled in and it started raining. i found anna, she had gotten out of the water but dove back in not caring about the rain. i ran into nico sitting by the slide and we hugged and got to chatting and he introduced me to his friends. a movie started playing on a big screen where the man had been trying to give his sermon. it was a creepy movie about monsters and stuff. there was some girl (i think this was from this part of the dream) and she did something her parents didn't like like had sex or something so her crazy parents filled the house w all these creepy life sized dolls engaged in weird acts and all these posters on the walls that kept changing but she wouldn't let it get to her. then all these people started waving their hands in some sort of weird ritual to summon or worship these monsters and a lot of people watching the movie started doing it too. i didn't and i thought it was stupid that people were doing it as did some others i saw in the crowd who were confused. i'm not exactly sure what happened next but i think monsters came and i basically had to save everyone from them but this part seemed very brief or maybe i woke up during it i'm not sure. all of this was only the second half of this dream, i can't really remember what happened in the first half but kyle and i think maya were there and weed was involved