Date: 2/22/2019

By DweebMyGuy

So I was at this ceremony in the city for my school Cienega where people would go up on top of a parking garage to give a speech. I remember there was about 2 uneventful speeches where nothing happened until this one fat black chick was giving one until she started walking away from the podium with the microphone and walked forward off of the parking garage to kill herself, she landed on a crowd below that was 1 story below. Everyone was in shock but I couldn’t see the body until she got up and said “I guess I am a little bitch” and jumped again. This time she landed on her front but since she was so fat, she bounced onto her back and then bounced back onto her front. I was trying to hold in my laughter and pretended to act shocked or sad. She just vanished without anything left behind. She was soon forgotten by everyone in the crowd all of a sudden then my dad and brother started arguing over whether In n Out or Ace Hardware has better hotdogs which neither of them make hotdogs.