the other girl

Date: 1/26/2017

By irieevibee

My ex was in town and my parents wanted to have him over. So he stayed a few nights with us ( the house on alderwood) the first night he was there we had sex in the bathroom. He came everywhere and we tried to clean it up before anyone woke up. No one suspected anything. I remember being really excited he was in town. I thought because we had sex we might get back together. One night he was having a conversation with my mom & I & he casually mentioned he has a gf. That broke my heart so bad. He went on to say "yeah she's cute, and she plays the guitar" . So I texted him about it later and he confronted me in person. I was so angry at him because we just had sex earlier that week and he's had a gf the whole time. He then started bragging about her & talking about how good their sex is & it was breaking my heart. So I rebuttal "well I have a new bf too" he said "oh you mean ***? I seen his instagram on your moms phone earlier, doesn't look like much of a relationship to me, he won't even post pictures of you". Which was true. His worlds were so true they hurt me. I felt so little, so defeated. I kept saying "why are you doing this to me? Why are you bragging about her? I've done nothing too you but love you."I couldn't stop crying hysterically. I wanted to kick him out of the house, but he was my parents guest so I couldn't do that. The last thing I remember was crying so hard my heart hurt. And I woke up. I couldn't go back to sleep because that dream was so disturbing.