07 august 2017

Date: 8/7/2017

By verisiel

on vacation in BC, it's early morning, i get up to look outside and see that it's raining (it hasnt rained in a while, and theres a smog problem). It's beautiful but it's also grey and smoggy. Back in bed, is a girl (megan?) and she is concerned, it's cold and she wants me to close the window a little. the cold is pretty refreshing, as ot was very very hot before. This sudden change in weather makes me concerned. all of a sudden, while looking out the window, i am no longer looking out at trees, but at water, at the shore. where the waves are supposed to break on the shore, it has frozen and it is a large wave. it thaws away and returns to normal but it is concerning. then out over the water, i see that boats are spewing dark gas (this is a sign that the apocalypse has begun and that the big earthquake has occurred) apparently we are over water and we didnt feel it. Now, we are trying to get away, and i am w my parents? im telling my dad that we will get away and we will be fine because the owner of this boat is nordic and was involved in the oil business and can take us somewhere safe in the middle east where his rich family created a safe haven. im very excited while saying this as if it guarantees our survival and safety, i am almost hysterical. i feel safer being on the water but there's a lot of boats trying to flee as well (to who knows where)