Pink bottle, school memories

Date: 7/11/2017

By TheNagual

First dream sequences were light and I remember feeling the sense flying through darkness with tiny colors. I was driving around and ended up at a large store. I didn't find I was looking for but stole a pink beer bottle on my way out. Out in the parking lot I got away but felt very nervous. Cameron watched over me. I was back at school, inside a classroom and sitting next to a white women wearing a green shirt. She had very large breasts and strange feet. Two women behind me wanted me two judge their breast size, they pulled them out and asked me, I gave them a logical answer. I tried not to make anything of it and pulled off a funny joke that made them laugh. The teacher was having a hard time getting the class to listen and put on an old movie? I talked to the women next to me and thought about hitting things off with her. Outside was an old familiar bathroom, I go inside to pee and was watched over by Cameron again? G came in and talked to me through the door, I felt very awkward. I was then walking through the half campus half highschool to my last English class I had to find. I ran into a small Asian cleaning lady who told me to quiet and to be lucid... I didn't register this and remembered I wrote down the class name in my phone notebook.