Chores and Intellect

Date: 6/26/2017

By Fitful

I was conversing with a goddess while doing my laundry. I washed all my things which had been in storage first. My arms were aching from doing that and then i still had to wash all my laundry i wore daily. There were some animals on the floor, a race and mouse I think, and I was going to scare them or be cruel to get them away from the goddess, but I realized they might be her creatures and it wouldn't be respectful so I did not. ~ I was with a cave man, a stupid one. I might have been one or they were just enamored with me. They were learning how to make weapons, first they threw rocks and stones and sticks. Them realized you could make someone fall into a pit and crush them with a large stone. A new caveman, more advanced in evolution, and a cross between Hercules and McGiver came along and introduced swords just as these cavemen were trying to use rocks to sharpen the swords. The new cavemsn was very intelligent and made friends with them, rather than challenge. He too, obviously wanted to get close to me, but was very strategic about it. Sneaky. ~ I was in a waiting room, all white, with a few older ladies. They were reading newd papers. One told me about a man who was willing to pay a girl to marry him, 200 a week. I feigned interest and didn't mention I was a lesbian on purpose. I was slightly tempted by the money, until I heard he:d visit for sex twice a week. The lady who told me about it acted very nervous, as if it were a hush hush topic. She whispered a lot. The reason the subject came up was because I was talking about never falling in love again. ~ I was supposed to take a potion for pain, but I made sure it was vegan first.