From a cat biting my finger to a furry convention

Date: 6/7/2017

By russiakun

I was with my family near my grandma's neighborhood. I remember that we were on the sidewalk and discussing which path to take, the top path or bottom path. It didn't really matter since, we walked into some kind of diner/bar thing. I remember there was a grey(?) cat by my feet playing with a piece of white meat. Somehow, the meat got separated from the cat, and it got super pissed. One way or another, it ended up on my right hand, putting it's mouth and claws on it. I felt a very mild pressure on my right hand. I wasn't scared while it was biting, in fact it was super cute. I just kind admired it doing its thing for a while, biting my thumb like some kind of plaything. I don't remember how this sequenced into the part, but me and my family went into an elevator to go downstairs for something. We walk in, and I immediately notice that the elevator is enormous. It was like the size of a ballroom if I had to guess. I also immediately noticed that there were huge posters for a furry convention plastered all over the walls (these were huge as well). Besides my family, there was only other guy in the elevator, and he was in a fursuit. I don't exactly remember what it was, but I wanna say that it was an elephant. He was just standing around in the elevator, not really doing anything. The doors open My family and I walk out and I immediately notice that the HUGE amounts of furry porn just splattered across the walls. I honestly began laugh at how ridiculous it all was. My mom said, "Oh my god" and I rushed to cover my little brother's eyes. For whatever reason, my sister was the last to get out of the elevator and she inexplicably turned into some kind of anthro fox with long, blonde hair. I thought the giant wall of porn was weirder than this and covered her eyes too, but she quickly ran past me to look at all the porn in awe. I don't remember how the dream ended, but I remember waking up feeling really warm inside. Like a happy type of warm. Last night I pulled an all-nighter and I only got like an hour + 20 minutes worth of sleep. This was probably one of the most vivid dreams I've ever had, I honestly can't remember most of the details of my dreams since they're mostly "shadowy" in my memory. This one was like watching a cartoon or something. It was bizarre.