Worst things happening at once

Date: 9/22/2019

By risei

I dreamt we were at a market place, eating local food with my mom. Loud mouthed guys across from us caught my attention and i saw one of them holding a gun, at first i thought nah, that cant be a real gun. But i was already eying him warily, then i saw him get bullets from his pocket. THATS when i panicked and nudged my mom, i was waiting for an opportunity to bolt far away from those men when the guy with the gun slammed to me holding the guns butt to my chest, i was shocked ofcourse and i held my breath but the guy whirled around and shouted to the top his lungs holdup! And everyone in the market place burst into action, running in every direction. In a panic, i just dashed away blindly. Dimly i can feel someone pursuing me from behind almost getting caught, feeling their hands on my blouse but i was always able to twist away. Infront of me i saw my dad(we're estranged irl so.. fuck that) i instinctively called out for help and he immediately took out a gun from his man bag (lol) and scared my pursuer away and we started running towards the parking spaces. We eventually collided with my mom and i just grabbed her wrist and continued running. We eventually slowed down and adrenaline drains out rational thought trickling back and the awkward thing that oh yeah you hate that person's guts. So my dad just veers away to go to his car and my mom and i just bolted away. Lol. Anyway we took a bus and went home, i was just inside our gate when someone took my arm and whirled me around. My dad who else. And my brother beside him, i smiled bitterly at the betrayal. Then my dream ended.