Cup of Wrath

Date: 1/18/2017

By hd4009

In my dream I was at my sister Jennifer's house. I was sitting on the front porch talking to my mom, when suddenly I had a vision. I saw a wine glass about half full of either blood or red wine. I had a strange look on my face so my mom asked what was wrong. I told her about the vision that I had seen and she asked, "I wonder what that could mean"? I said, "I think it's God's wrath". Then, before I could even finish my sentence, I saw it again and it was 3/4 full this time. Before I could even explain what I was seeing, I saw it again only this time it was tilted and dripping over. I told my mom how quickly it had changed and filled up. She told me i needed to hurry and get something and go find my husband and the kids and tell them to come inside (not sure what she wanted me to get). So, I ran over to my step sister Donna's house (which is 2 houses down). As I was leaving Jennifer's yard (there was no fence) the sky got really dark, the wind was blowing hard and lightning flashed. I prayed that it would hold off until I got what I needed from Donna's house and could make sure David and the kids were safe inside. The wind and lightening suddenly stopped, so I ran as fast as I could to my step sister's house. When I got to her house she was injured. Her husband told me she had been bitten by a snake. He was trying to call for help, but couldn't get anyone to answer. I helped him wrap her leg and told him everything was closed and there wasn't time to get help and they needed to stay inside. They wouldn't listen and insisted on finding a doctor. I ran outside and my step dad was standing outside of the shed. it was a really long shed that had about 4 or 5 doors all of which were open. I asked him if he knew where mine and David's lawnmower was and he said it was somewhere in one of the sheds. I was panicking thinking I didn't have time to look in them all. I saw several different lawnmowers while I was looking through sheds, but for some reason I needed ours. I finally found the lawnmower and warned my step dad to get inside. I headed back to Jennifer's and ran into my husband on the way back. These two guys (one that I went to middle school with) were driving by and asked if I knew where an address was. I told them that house number wasn't on this street and asked them what road were they looking for. They told me the name of the road they were looking for and I told them tgey were on the wrong street. I warned them to get inside because it was about to get bad. And they said it was no big deal they had went through a hurricane which was nothing and this was no big deal. I kept stressing to them that they didn't understand and this wasn't the same, but they still wouldn't listen. They drove off and I'm not sure what happened after that because I woke up.