Work- tablet guy, and horny hide and seek.

Date: 2/6/2019

By ratherrare

Dream one: I was at work, opening shift. I had worked the night before and hadn’t seen tablet guy. Apparently he had hit us for PS4 controllers. 8 in total, all cut off the lock peg. The blister tags were still hanging there, I had to take them all off. There were too many to hold all of them. I was really disappointed that I let him get away with that. Dream two: I was at my aunts house in NC. Sam and I were playing hide and seek, I went into where the garage was but it turned into Nanans house and I was afraid that I broke the glass door. Sam found me and I was horny, I was wet and wanted him. My cousin was there and killed the mood, I locked them both outside of the house. Antjuan was then there and he wanted waffle fries.