Not a dream just an art idea “Siames” summer nights

Date: 9/23/2019

By TFaith64

Current feelings: Guilty, nostalgic, warm, free, change, stressed Colors: pastels purple, grey, yellow, red, blue (primary colors” Picture: ghost of past self emanating, frustration pain longing. Skinny and looking on past memories of friendships that have changed. Puff of smoke and rolled back eyes over a slumped over grey body. The smoke reveals a memory of the past friendship getting together. (Memory undecided as of yet but first thing I thought of was getting drunk, spinning in our friends old house, the last time we were all together. Second memory comes to mind is walking the streets at night. But drunk moments sit better with me because it takes me back to drinking a lot. Trumpets coming out of ears, resembling getting high that I wanted to portray in a picture for years. Back ground filled with swirls and other elements of the past that are feeling the warm good times of that.