Just a Day at the Beach

Date: 7/31/2017

By toxxicduck

I lived at the beach in a small beach house. It was on stilts right at the waters edge. The beach looked like a Pacific Northwest beach, cold and windy and a beachfront full of brush and logs, but the beach house looked like something you'd rent in Hawaii. It was night and in the darkness the beach house looked overly black, while the rest of the beach was lit by the moon. I was just leaving the house with Robin Scherbatsky from How I Met Your Mother. She was literally Robin, not the actress. We got into a dirt colored Jeep that was super grungy and broken up, and drove off to another little hut on the beach. It looked like a beach hippy's surf shack. I don't remember what happened there, just that Robin did something very badass. While she was gone, some little kids broke into the Jeep and started screwing around. I told them to buzz off but they ignored me. One of them took the wheel of the Jeep and began to drive it around the beach, with me as the passenger. I was very angry and frustrated about this but didn't do anything to stop it. Eventually though, the kid got scared off (by Robin, I think?) and I drove the Jeep back to the hippy shack. I continue to stay in the jeep and as Robin was off doing whatever, the walls of the jeep started to fall off, and when she got back she didn't react to the now wall-less jeep that was more like a dune-buggie now. We went back to the beach house and went inside, but Robin disappeared. It was dark inside, like it didn't have any lights. An old friend, Crystal, was sitting at a table. I noticed there was sand all over the floor and wanted to clean it up. When I looked for the broom I saw another guy using it already, he was Asian but no one I knew from real life. For some reason I needed to clean up ASAP and didn't want to take the broom from the Asian guy, and found a teeny brush and used that to sweep it up. It was extremely meticulous. Crystal was chatting with me while I was on the floor sweeping and we were reminiscing about old times, even talking about elementary school, though I met her in middle school. This dream was actually pretty boring, I am sorry for sharing it.