The teacher who told me to wake up

Date: 2/2/2019

By Tjika

I was at a school, making notes during a lecture. This was not the school I usually went to. In real life I was doing an internship. At this internship were five other students who came from a different school. In my dream I was attending their school and my own, so now trying to figure out how to combine the two studies. I was really getting into it, also visiting my student home for the first time, getting ready for this new life (I lived at home before, so this was a big change for me). I was nervous, but really excited I was finally being so mature and stuff. I slept in my new room that night. It already started to feel like home. When I came to class the next day it seemed to be a day like any other. We were in the classroom with few people, because it was still rather early. The teacher was sitting on a desk and smiled while he called me. I turned around, wondering what he would have to ask (I'm usually a quiet person and am not usually called out by teachers). He said: 'Hey, I know you've been getting used to all of this and you seem to be having fun, but this is a dream and don't you think it's time to wake up?' I was so shocked when he said that, because I knew he was right. First of all I was angry he spoiled it, after all I had put a lot of effort into my life there. Secondly I was scared that I slept through my alarm or something and was going to be late. I immediately tried to wake up, but that was difficult. I got stuck in what I started reffering to as the twilight zone, a dream in which everything looks exactly the same as in real life, where you can think like you do in real life, but everything is dark, creepy, I'm often paralised and the lights don't work. Also if I imagine creepy things there's a chance they might start happening, so the trick is to find out how to wake up before creepy things start to happen. I simply imagined to go to sleep and this time it worked. I finally woke up and discovered it was only 3 in the morning... Evil dream teacher...