The Power

Date: 5/7/2017

By notTherese

I was earning some money on the side at my university by being a test subject for random viruses. At some point I noticed I had these little black hairs on my fingers and I thought "Oh my goodness, I'm spiderman!" So I went to my research professor and showed him the results. He looked surprised and asked to do more tests on me. I dug a little deeper into the tests they wanted to do and realized they could kill me so I refused. They explained, however, that this meant I was going to die in a year anyway. I freaked out and stole the medicine in their cabinet that would supposedly cure me of whatever this was, but I didn't want to take it yet. As I ran from the school, I realized the power I had now. It was a hulk-like power mixed with the incredible speed and deception of a vampire. The school had me chased down by police, but no one could catch me. I became America's Most Wanted. I hid in a trashcan to wait out a sick feeling I started to have, but there was a man in there already. I recognized him as one of my own, but rabid and aggressive. He welcomed me, but explained the pain would only get worse until I fed on more humans. Turns out he was part of the research too, and instead of dying after a year he just ran away. The school only tells subjects that so they can kill them before they become dangerous. I teamed up with him to find the rest of the test subjects that escaped and give them this medicine. I still didn't take it, though because I knew I needed this power. We jumped on a leaving cruise ship and found a stowaway with the virus. We traveled the entire world and eventually continued our search by hopping from Earth to other planets, all while evading the forces that were ordered to kill us on sight. Once we had everyone we tried to order the medicine online. It was too expensive. We had to steal from the school. We stealthed our way into the school on a busy morning, but ran out of energy and ideas once we got to the vault. We tried again at night and was more successful until we realized there was night workout classes. We reconvened deep underground, trying to think of a way to get the medicine. However, the animals underground started ramming our door and almost breaking it completely. Animals became as rabid as us when they were around us. That was when I realized I had the medicine I stole! We took the medicine and immediately passed out.