Date: 4/17/2017

By TheDemonKing666

first i was in a school with a goat i had found, we were looking for somewhere to hand it into then where we had class no one was there so we had to look for it, then i'm on a bus turned everyone into flowers, then i turned them back then we stop at a service at first i am a boy then i change myself to a girl, a realised we were witches and wizards, we go to mcdonalds but i have packed lunch then boyla asks if ayone wants a free burger i politely decline the offer, i whip my wand out and it seemed to have been bent so one of the staff fix it for me then i start walking with this boy then we get attacked so we hijack a car before he uses his magic his eyes go white before i use mahic one eye goes white but the other goez black i shoot out some kind of magic kn his it's just white but mine is a spiral of black and white, then we are fighting monsters and some people in an open areana i help my friend chain down a flying monster then i get attacked by this girl, i start to lose then i take out my wand and said something (idk) then the enemy girl disintegrates, then i'm at this place where there is bbq, unlimited buffet, and a resturant i sat next to a friend and she said this is a party so u can't sit here, i pick my stuff up and put it on another table after a couple minutes i remember i forgot something on the party table, next to baby jesus, keira, and i saw annalises mum, i realize i have a gash on my stomach i sit down, back to the open areana when we finish i needed to collect my drawing stuff and my magic the gathering cards and give the boys their cards because i felt something weird!