Haunted house to get to the bathroom

Date: 4/21/2017

By ineedmoresleep

So I just woke up from a nap and had a dream about prom. I just had one this past Sunday for my friends' senior prom except this time the location was set at a different place. At a familiar place, as in I've dreamt about this imaginary location once before. I tend to have recurring locations that are made up or an my mind's idealized version of a real life location. I think this place might have been made after a marketplace or mall... perhaps the old International Marketplace in Waikiki. But in my dream, where we went in to have the prom was nice, white, and new looking. There was this sort of large stage that was kind of also a fountain? And outside the " ballroom area" (which looked more like a room with a mini stage and rows of chairs for an audience to sit in) they had buildings and streets to walk down outside with chairs and umbrella tables lining them. It's hard to explain. But it's kind of like a outdoor mall. So, I go in with my friends, us wearing the same exact attire we did in real life. This time at this dream prom, I was a lot more distant from them. At the irl one, i did hang around them but not really that much. Not because i didn't want to, but simply because they had so much going on with taking pictures, trying to make memories, and dancing,etc. I've graduated a year earlier than my two friends but they wanted me to go to their prom. And oh, they're a couple as well. And that was my 4th irl prom... crazy right? So in the dream, I distanced myself much more and hung around by myself which is something I don't mind at all. In the middle of the event outside at the white stage/fountain, they announced a group/troupe? of these dancers and I think they mentioned it was an Indian style dance?? I don't know they really dances that way. They were a group of about 30 people dressed in white dancing their routine which was cool. Then after they finished, they announced or I saw something about the next act being by this Russian director, whom I'm sure I've heard about irl since she was someone who's class I had wanted to take. After that performance, I went off again into the indoor part of the mall (this part of the mall looked kind of old and abandoned but also as if it was decorated for Halloween? There was a lot of wood...) and sat on top of this white bed? Or counter covered with a white sheet where this person was already sitting or had sit. There was trash of snacks like a chip bag and candy wrappers. I now can't remember what I ate too or if the person that was placed away from the trash (because it wasn't their trash) gave me food. I just remember going on Snapchat or some face-altering app and using it with the person. (I don't believe I know this person irl). Then one of my theater professors show up (this might be a result of seeing 2 women earlier today that I thought was her). And I used the app on her altering her face in a silly way and her laughing at it. Then we chatted, I think. She then said she has to use the bathroom and walked off. A few moments later, (like 5 seconds?) she walked past me. I wasn't too sure about the look on her face... it was like she looked incredulous? I threw away my trash from the snacks and thought that I have to use the bathroom too. So I walk just a bit more and there was already the entrance out of this "mall" into maybe a parking lot or outside area (it was already night so). I turned back, saw a security guard, thought about asking him where the bathroom is, but he was talking to another guy and plus I had spotted the bathroom sign past him. The bathroom was actually right ACROSS from where I had sat and ate snacks. Thinking it was silly of me to miss it, I turned into the corner and as I turned into another pathway, I saw a scary masked figure turn up in this door with a window in the hallway. I screamed immediately turning around, terrified out of my life as I try to locate the bathroom. I was panicking because I had remembered having a dream like this before. With the similar location and having a dream where the bathroom would be the haunted house that people had to go through in order to use it. The masked man wasn't a killer. It was a haunted house lol. When I turned back to return, I wasn't back in the same location. Instead I was inside of a store like a Kmart, or Walmart. I felt panicked because I was trapped and was forced to go through this to leave. There were a few more masked, dressed up individuals, and i was starting to tear up, feeling really scared and saying I want to leave, I want to leave. I even grabbed onto one masked guy (I believe it was a alien mask like this 👽) wearing a light blue and black striped shirt and jeans. And his hands were covered with these fake stubby arms and apologized for grabbing him but telling him I was scared and him saying oh yeah it's okay. I then ran into a friend I recognize from irl and told her I was scared where she didn't seem scared at all. I remember a certain part of the store was gated off by this huge fence... maybe like one you'd see in a big depot or something??? I don't know. It was obviously telling me to go a certain way. I remember seeing an elevator and then I saw these garage area and the roads and intersection outside. I thought about running out there but then I woke up. I woke up feeling pretty spooked but also with a feeling of deja vu and knowing I've been through this before as I mentioned many times. Yeah, but I do have to use the bathroom right now haha.