Date: 8/2/2017

By Carolina

I was with R and this woman. She was upset with him and cried saying he was supposed to kill her parents. he was stern and explained that he would never do that. i knelt down on the floor and he locked something around my neck. the woman left. i was in a house and i could smell sulfur. i heard hissing. i went to the stove and saw the gas was on. i tried to turn all the knobs to off but it was still hissing. flames flickered. i saw water pouring from the ceiling in the hall. i ran out to the door and cried and begged for help. the neighbors weren't willing. more water poured in. i ran to an unfinished home with wooden beams for walls. i ran to my mother to tell her about the stove. i was handed an incident report to fill out and i said it didn't make sense as a way to explain. everyone pointed to the sheet to show it was a very clear and easy to use form.