The Voice Of The Universe...

Date: 2/21/2017

By kidneypunch

It started as there was a monster rampaging, through this peaceful town. First it started as a small creature, then it got bigger and bigger still. It suddenly switched to this room where this guy was controlling the larger robot to kill the monster. (Pacific Rim, I guess the monster was a good guy?) Suddenly this Mother and daughter come into the picture, the daughter harms the guy controlling the robot and they are caught only to be let go. (Here, they were these weird light people who were kind of like horny hippies. If you were kind and stuff, they'd treat you to sex.) As these orgies were going on, (and how the mom wanted to screw in these PJs) I became one of the characters and suddenly found myself leaving the group and going outside. I walked over to this pier, and gazed up at the sky and I realized I was hearing the screams of thousands of people dying. I go back to the building to hide away from everyone, but two find me and they're saying I should go talk to the Queen, because she'd know what to do. When I refused and started crying, they began to threaten me. Suddenly I'm in this group, who's freaking out because our world may end and this one girl was pregnant. They suddenly make the choice to leave, taking a space craft off planet. As they begin to leave, something happened and everyone outside starts dying. I crouched down, and started screaming, but woke before anything happened.