Date: 7/22/2019

By Wish

I literally just woke up. My dreams are horrible tonight i absolutely cannot fathom why this is happening. Everytime I go to sleep some horrifyingly powerful evil thing keeps attacking me. I can't see it...I can feel it in the room with me. These dreams are so awful! and once i fall asleep its hard to wake up from them...its like i keep trying to wake up but i end up still being in the dream...every single time. I'm in my bed...i dream I'm in my bedroom but the room looks all weird. i sense someone with me that i cannot see..there's a horrible feeling of dread and danger and hatred. In my dream i feel scared to death like I'm fighting for my life.Something is trying to get a grip on me attach itself to me but it cannot. in my dream i think I'm woke but I'm not because its still there..i sense a very powerful strong male presence. The fact that the dream loops...makes me feel helpless and hopeless, i feel like this thing is trying to weaken me...like take over me. In the very last part of my dream i was laying in my bed and someone was st the foot of my bed. it was a very large tall being...i couldn't really see it that well but I'm sure it was there i felt the worst hatred I've ever felt and it was like i was engulfed in it. Then i felt another one trying to hold me down and more and more trying to get hold of me. Then out of nowhere i heard the echoing voice of a child singing it sang "Jesus loves me this i know for the bible tells me so" then i realized the child's voice was coming from me. I prayed a very ancient prayer in Hebrew and I was snatched from my dream . i was sna5ched so fast it took me a minute to come to the realization that i was awake. I t was that realistic...I'm still feeling all weird and I'm wide awake...I'm scared to go back to sleep...because i feel like its waiting for me in my dreams. I'm gonna try anyway though. The nightmares are getting worse and worst.