Parade Shooter

Date: 5/30/2017

By Galeosphere

This dream started in a familiar parade. I couldn't have been older than right, and I somehow found myself in an alley by the parade. It was loud, with the entire street brimming with people. Also, the architecture of the place felt Victorian. I walked down a stone path and eventually met a tall, grubby man. He had a long beard with black and dark red stains in it, and he had a stained muscle shirt with ripped jeans. His eyes seemed giddy with a sense of madness. He hid one of his hands behind his back. With a smirk, he asked, "Want to see something great?" I then remember running away towards the parade. He was yelling at me and shot at me. One bullet just skimmed the back of my head. The dream ended as I stumbled into the crowd, and I could see him, just standing at the edge of the street. He was glaring at me.