The Sound

Date: 8/21/2017

By cwiley

I was climbing up the side of a building, from porch to windowsill, back stairs and the wall; it was very high off the ground, and an incredibly complicated structure, like several buildings mashed together, and there were people in it who paid no attention to me as I climbed by... and as I kept going up I could hear this strange sound like a quiet groan, but kind of musical. It got louder as I climbed up, and I was consumed by curiosity; and somehow I knew that it was a little old man who lived at the very top of the structure, and I felt that I had to see him to tell him that I liked the sound he made. I kept climbing, I kept hearing the sound, but I got lost and sad... then I woke up, and my wife was snoring gently, musically, next to me, and I lay there for a while listening happily, before drifting back to sleep.