Endless Time Loop

Date: 5/10/2017

By Io

I dreamt that I was sitting in front of a piano and playing random tunes on it. I was inside an empty music room. Suddenly a guy walked up to me and being enthusiastic about what I was doing I told him I can play anything he wanted me to. He told me to improvise a blues song in orchestral arrangement, and so I did. As I played I could vaguely hear various other instruments, even though there was only a piano in the room. As I played, a scene slowly unfolded in front of my eyes. As I played I was kinda like watching a movie. It was a scene at a port city, with seagulls flying in the sky and the streets bustling with activity. The song floats around and then I noticed a girl looking at me from not far off. She had wide green eyes that stared straight at me. She was wearing gothic clothes and she was sitting on top of a lamp post. I approached her and she told me she had the power to paint reality. Everything painted by her becomes reality, and if she wishes so, anything she paints can transcend reality. It was quite creepy at first. Then I think the song continued and became more dramatic and intense. I remember being chased by a huge flood and there was the guy trying to launch me to safety with a lamp post and I was trying to run across rooftops. The scene changed and I arrived in my school. It was deserted and I had a bad feeling for some reason. I was with a girl, her father and a gang member I think, and apparently the school was stuck in an endless time loop where running forward means running backwards, throwing a ball forward means getting hit by it at the back. We wanted to escape but we didnt know how to. The father said he was a scientist and he had a device for undoing this, but I was sceptical of him and didn't want to follow him. I left on my own and began running to the exit, which was moving further away the more I ran towards it. Then I met the gothic girl from before and she told me she could help me. She led me to a pitch black room, told me to lie down and she began painting me with colors. All along there was a soft hypnotic tune in my head, and as I watch the colors being painted onto me I could hear someone else screaming next to me. She told me to relax, as only those who didn't recognize the tunes will be in immense pain, while those who do will be at total peace. I became nervous but was unable to move my body. As she painted I felt myself drift into a trance, with my body feeling icy cold. Then it was over. When the painting was done, she told me I wont be affected anymore by the dimension's time loop, as the paint allowed me to transcend into a state where I existed in a different dimension. I proceeded to the exit, and sure enough I escaped from the place. I ran and the road led me to a cliff, where I heard a broken call/cry in the forest nearby. I thought it was a person and ran towards the sound, but as the forests cleared I saw two pigs singing in the moonlight.