Riding Bike

Date: 3/29/2017

By jmercier13

I dont know why but in my dream I went back to my home time which is 1h30 of driving from my appartement. Back to my home town i realise I forgot something at my appartement and I had no choice but to go get I back. So I took my bike (in reality would take me 6h with a bike but in my dream it would take the same amount as a car) and started riding it. After what seemed like an hour of riding I decided to stop at a near coffeeshop because I was starting to be tired and thirsty. When I got into the shop there was a young attractive lady at the bar that offered me to taste a variety of different coffee (note that I don't like coffee at all irl) I decided to try one out and fall in love with it, when I asked to buy one she told me it was made of vodka and they didn't have any left (wtf!?). I then decided to take an Iced cappuccino for the road instead. she told me it would cost me 300$ (CAN) and I was super confused and she told me it was 133$ for the coffee and the rest was to sit at a table. I looked outside before buying it cuz I needed to go back as fast as possible since I knew rain was coming. Right as I do that it start raining like hell making impossible to go outside so I had no choice paying the 300$. I then went to sit alone in the coffee shop with the lady looking at me while I was drinking my drink....